Leslie Rowland's Gallery is in Ste. 3A in the Phil Mechanic Studios building at 109 Robert's Street. She works out of this large airy space and has an onsite gallery with broad selection of her works.

Leslie’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has had many solo shows and group exhibitions throughout her career. Most of the domestic exhibitions have taken place in NV and surrounding states. Leslie moved to Asheville NC five years ago.

Leslie understands the source of creation driven by passions of the intellect and soul. Art for Leslie is a form of communication, sometimes visceral and sometimes direct. For her, the purpose of art is making the viewer feel loved and healing and enlightening the viewer. Leslie creates her own mediums and adds new twists to more traditional mediums gyrating between thumbing her nose at tradition and leaning on it. Leslie is inspired by exploring new subjects in her work and mixing science with art. Recent subjects include symbiosis in nature focused on pollinators, music soundwaves and positive binary code messages. Leslie’s current work is primarily created through a layering and removal process she has developed. Leslie first does a detailed sketch, them paints her subject with a type of paint she has developed. The painting is then obscured with as many as 20 layers of paint. After it is cured, the layers are removed to varying degrees to reveal the original painting and many layers of paint.