Nancy Moore creates visionary mixed media paintings that move past the filters of the mind, connecting directly and spiritually with our hearts and emotions. Using watercolors, pastels, inks, graphite/colored pencils and charcoal, Nancy develops playful images filled with bold strokes of brilliant color. In these works, we find the Divine Story Tellers. We hear the stories told by our indigenous brothers and sisters, and hear their call to balance inner and outer spaces. Nancy’s intuitive, dreamlike images offer us meaning in a disconnected world and the experience of Soothing Wholeness.

Nancy's paintings have been exhibited in solo and juried exhibitions across the United States and in Canada, and have received numerous awards. Magazines have featured Nancy’s spirit driven paintings and her images can be found on music CD covers.

You can view and purchase Nancy's Intuitive Paintings and Spirit Hoops at MARQUEE and TRACKSIDE STUDIOS in the River Arts District.