Pam Granger Gale has been making paper since 1984. She graduated from Limestone College in 1978 with a BA in Art Education. She is a National Board Certified Teacher, and has been educating children for over 25 years through public education and private lessons.

Pam uses the ancient techniques of Chinese papermakers to make note cards, stationery, journals, and lamps. It all started when Pam and a friend borrowed the equipment and stayed up in to the wee hours making paper from everything they found. She continues to expand her papermaking skills through attending classes at Penland with noted modern day papermakers like Peter Sowiski, Frank Brannon and others.

Pam discovered the technique of marbling in 1988. Another love is found. Fitting Pam’s love for success for all, marbling is an easy art form which gives people of all ages a feeling of achievement. While she knows the historical patterns of marbling for facing pages of old books, freestyle designs give the creator freedom of movement and design over the paint. She has attended numerous classes with noted marblers Regina and Dan St. John, Judith Beers, Ginny Moreland, Anne Murray and others. Pam enjoys teaching at Majik Studios on Coxe Avenue.

She recently retired and now devotes all of her attention to perfecting her craftsmanship with these art forms.

Pam loves life and enjoys creating new art works as well as sharing her skills with others as they experience the processes she loves.
Joy and happiness emanate through Pam’s art pieces and she hopes the viewers feel the same when around her pieces.