I express my love and appreciation for beautiful, ambient light by creating these flower lamps. During a recent 2-year stay in S. Korea I discovered the ancient tradition of Hanji, (handmade paper) and its multitude of applications both historically and today. I appreciate the fact that the paper I am working with is made in essentially the same way it was made 1200 years ago. I enjoy utilizing this ancient tradition in a contemporary way.

As a puppetry artist for nearly 20 years, I occasionally used handmade papers to create props. It was a novelty; a pleasant resource for certain effects. But when I saw the plethora of choices in Korea and experienced firsthand the joy of working with this highly fibrous paper, I was changed forever. I find the tactile experience of working with it especially rewarding; it gives, stretches, molds and lends itself to a multitude of techniques such as gathering, twisting and tearing. Too, the colors are rich, vibrant, and warm. To me, the finished piece offers a depth and warmth that is completely its own.