Wheel thrown and hand built porcelain. Hand painted and hand carved. Intricately embellished functional ceramics featuring floral designs featuring high contrast patterns. My passion for making pottery is largely rooted in my longing for a return to simpler times, to days gone by, when life wasn’t so complicated. I try to live my life with great intention. Enjoying and appreciating every moment, surrounding myself with love, magic and beauty as much as I possibly can! Living simply, loving the land, loving my community, and working with my hands, creating beautiful vessels for everyday life. This is what makes me whole. This living represents the cycle of life and celebrations that makes life meaningful, magical!
I dig in my garden. I plant seeds. These seeds, I nurture into food. I cultivate this food into nutritious meals, which I share with my loved ones and my community. From this precious earth, I build the vessels in which to serve to my loved ones as we celebrate the richness of our lives, love, grief and lifes many blessings.
This cycle of creating, nurturing and celebrating is customary across time and civilization. Slowly these customs are disappearing. These rituals are an important aspect of life that for me making pottery completes. Living as a potter is an effort to retain these customs and values.