Wesley Ethyn Bowers was born to be an artist. Coming from a family of creatives, they have always gravitated to the arts since their early years. They have traversed the artistic spectrum, from painting and drawing to jewellery, fashion and music. They draw from patterns in nature and abstract, modern art styles. Coral reefs are the current inspiration for their jewellery pieces.

Wesley focuses on abstract line-art painting and drawing, and geometric nature-inspired hand-cut jewellery. They have had a journey with their two-dimensional art. As a teenager, they focused on graphite portraits. Their art evolved through the years and when the pandemic of 2020 came they were inspired to dive headfirst into bold, vibrant colours in their artwork as a contrast to the darkness consuming the world. It wasn’t until they came to Western North Carolina that they felt compelled to experiment with their love for abstract, modern art forms.

Their adventures in jewellery started in wire-wrapping driftwood, sea glass, abalone shell and other repurposed materials with copper. Soon after, they expanded their craft with strung beaded necklaces and bracelets. While they lived in the Verde Valley of Arizona, they took a jewellery course to further their handicraft and add more of their originality and personality into their pieces. They became inspired by coral reef conservation efforts and started creating pieces based on the patterns of the sea fan coral. They continued to expand the collection after their move to Western North Carolina and took an enamel course at Haywood Community College. They are always experimenting with different techniques and materials to expand upon and enhance their designs.