Looking for a Studio?

Our district is comprised of many old industrial buildings, 23 of which are occupied by artists. Each building is privately owned. The building owners can give you information on spaces that might be available. You can find the buildings by clicking on individual buildings on our map.

Most, if not all buildings have their own websites with contact information, and you can find that on the above-mentioned site under the building tab. Studio spaces may also be listed on the Asheville Craigslist website.

The River Arts District Artists, Inc. (RADA) is a non-profit membership organization established to cooperatively promote the common interests of its members by providing the necessary resources and education to produce successful art exhibits and events that promote the arts. We invite you to join should you find a suitable studio space in our district. We always welcome new artists to the neighborhood. Check us out and please come visit our district. We wish you well on your search for a suitable space.