Caroline Renée Woolard creates “functional pottery with the intention of nurturing those who use it in their daily rituals, uplifting their spirits and homes as it invites them to find gratitude in the present moment.” Her work explores movement through various textures on the surface with slips and carving while finding stability and structure within the form. Each surface design is a unique expression of the energy of the moment that she creates it, and as she works with clay, she finds it to be a grounding process that reminds her of the importance of being centered and present. Caroline is also trained in energy work and uses these practices while working with the clay to infuse each piece with intentions and blessings, bringing each piece to life. These practices allow her to work in a mindful and intuitive way with the clay.

After using pottery as a therapeutic tool to help me heal from disordered eating, my hope is that the pottery I create can also bring joy to those who use it in many ways. Handmade pottery is a beautiful way to create a supportive ritual at mealtimes to help you rebuild your relationship with food and your body in a way that is more peaceful.

I use a stoneware clay body and high fire to cone 10 (~2345 F) in a gas kiln reduction environment.