Brush And Ink Drawing with James Cassara

Inspired by the Japanese art of sumi-e, this class will explore the immediacy and spontaneity of painting with ink. With a focus on landscapes we will learn some basic techniques […]

Joy of Sketchbooking with Heather Clements

Sketchbooks are full of endless potential! For Heather, they’re a place for introspection as well as pure messy fun. They’re where you can try out your craziest ideas in a […]

Exiting Societal Expectations!

Sculpting means many things to many people. Dee and Bruce Santorini will be demonstrating the beginning of one clay sculpture, and the finishing of another on this Saturday, December 9th, […]

COLLECT Designer Market

Jewelry artist Laura Wood and textile artist Libby O’Bryan, co-founder of the slow-fashion label Rite of Passage, have collaborated along with Erin Hawley, founder of Melona, to launch COLLECT, a […]