Train Art by Nadine Charlsen

I have always had an interest in any means of travel.  When I moved to North Carolina, I quickly became a member of the River Arts District Artists.  There is an active railroad that runs right through the district.  I had been painting the industrial buildings and areas of the river arts district even before I moved here.  Painting the roundhouse and the train areas of the district were just part of that information that attracted me.  I had a painting of tracks, a portion of the roundhouse, a lone engine and one car.  It was sold in 2016 and two days later I felt compelled to focus on the industry of the trains.  I went through thousands of my photographs and realized I had been taking photos of trains for many years.  Thus began my real love affair with trains and train memories.  I have painted over 50 train paintings since 2016.  We are releasing a limited number of these paintings beginning May 28th, with early access to my VIP email subscribers on May 27th. Sign up for early access at: