Business Sponsorship

We invite you to participate in the creativity, inspiration, education, and outreach of the River Arts District Artists (RADA) in Asheville, North Carolina through our business sponsorship opportunities.

RADA Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to support RADA, its artists, and the Asheville community. RADA Foundation supports scholarships for artists, advocacy for creative space in the River Arts District, and raising funds for innovative efforts and events that enhance the visitors’ experience.

Joining RADA as a business sponsor places your business at the center of these creative endeavors and helps sustain and expand the River Arts District’s iconic aspect of Asheville’s culture.

Business sponsorship is available at three levels of support with varying degrees of benefits. There are also special sponsorship levels for support of the RADA Map and the outdoor Banner Program. Sponsorship can drive customers to your business and can also make possible the expansion of the arts into teaching opportunities and outreach to the community, making the arts more easily accessible to all. Business sponsorship will also help us hire an Executive Director who can work with RADA to secure grants for events, education, and outreach. Ten percent of all sponsorships go toward scholarships for artists.

We hope you consider joining RADA as a business sponsor and becoming an integral part of Asheville’s unique and vibrant arts community within the River Arts District.

Information about our sponsorship benefits and levels is available here: 2024-RADA-Corporate Sponsorships

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