Cassie Butcher

Figurative ceramic sculpture that can go in your garden, tiny to life-sized souls

Open Mon-Sat 11-4, Sun by appt
CURVE studios & garden
6, 9, 12 Riverside Drive, Middle Building Downstairs

I am interested in the ways human beings relate to one another. I explore human relationships by stripping the figure of details that would lead to a specific identity. Humans constantly seek to uniquely define themselves. In our search for individuality, there is still a desire to belong; a fight for meaningful existence in a crowded world.

I use ‘soul’ to describe the figures I make because it touches on the essence of who we really are. It does not indicate our physical attributes or our circumstances but how we really connect. We all experience joy, pain, suffering, sorrow, etc. I want my work to have a therapeutic and relatable feel that draws the viewer in to empathize with it…and hopefully with other people!

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