clay wall pieces painted with terra sigilattas (colored clays), sgraffitoed or carved, and smoke fired

Open Tues-Sunday 11-5
Odyssey Center For Ceramic Arts
238 Clingman Ave


I have had my hands in clay since the early seventies. I now focus on clay wall pieces that are painted with colored clays, sgraffitoed or carved, possibly stamped with uplifting quotes and poetry, and fired twice – The last firing being a smoke firing on most pieces with hemlock boughs.

Images are of beings that inspire me: trees, animals, birds, & the constellations of the night sky. The words are uplifting and awakening. I have included sacred geometries and some hidden elements. Nature is my Muse, Indigenous expressions in my blood, I live in Asheville, on an acre of land, all organic and bio-dynamic gardens and orchards surround me. The seasons, the elements, the unseen all joyously influence me.

Red Moon Arch - Stag and Owl Clay, colored clays, sgraffitoed. 39x7.5"All Is Well - 4 Jewel trees Clay, Colored Clays, sgraffitoed and carved. each approx. 8.5x3.5"