Ginger Graziano

Figurative clay sculpture

Open Tues-Sunday 11-5
Odyssey Center For Ceramic Arts
238 Clingman Ave
[email protected]

The first time I put my hands into clay, I knew I had come home. Working in clay is meditative, healing, and centering. When I approach the clay, I enter into a dialog with the Creative Spirit.  I reach beyond my daily world and invite mystery to emerge—that elusive part that can only be communicated with by listening. I listen with my hands and my heart, exploring.

I work primarily with the figure and masks, with metaphor, symbols, and found objects. I explore what comes down through the conduit of the head, our connection to a higher realm. Sometimes I work with dream images that arise and ask to be expressed. Always I work with the Divine, with what is waiting to be born. Nature speaks to me—the seasons of birth, growth, and death. New life returns, bringing continuity, forming a circle. I am particularly drawn to birds as they represent freedom and spirit, the ability to joyfully soar above the earth, see far, and bring knowledge back to earth. All the elements are present when working with clay: earth, water, air, and fire. New beings emerge to tell their stories, similar to how characters arise in the writing process..

ginger graziano

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