Reiko Miyagi

Organic-shaped stoneware with sgraffito decoration and glazework.

Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts
236–238 Clingman Avenue
Open Tue-Sun 11-5

Reiko is a Japanese native who moved to the San Francisco Bay Area after working as a studio potter in Mashiko, a major pottery town. In her new environs she was exposed to new techniques and developed her signature sgraffito stoneware. She also studied metalsmithing and encaustic media and honed her skills in jewelry and collage.

Reiko’s work is influenced by the Japanese appreciation of subtle beauty and the natural world. Regardless of the medium her work retains its organic feel, shapes and colors as well as her unique imagery. She enjoys working with a variety of media and her hope is that her pieces will be used in celebrating the rituals of daily life and to create harmonious environs.


"Satoyama" Plater