Frances Domingues | Found Design

Innovative artist who works with found objects, reclaimed metal and expansive intuition

Almost always OPEN! And by appt.
129 Roberts Street / Level 2 Wedge Studios

[email protected]

Frances is a three dimensional found object visual artist and interior stylist. She is drawn to patina, rust and things that over the years have acquired an energy of their own by living an authentic life.

Frances takes everyday objects out of their context to become inspired objects d’art for your home and life, she transforms industrial found objects into art, furniture and lighting. Frances Domingues Found Design embraces the concept of wabi sabi: the aesthetic centered on the acceptance of the transience and imperfection….simplicity, intimacy and appreciation of the integrity of the natural objects and processes.

Found Object art, lighting, furniture & sculpturepainting and mixed media on reclaimed metal panels