Dona D Barnett, Flying Rhino Studio

drawing, traditional and mixed media printmaking, mixed media with drawing

Daily 11-5 and by appointment
Trackside Studios, 375 Depot St
Studio 106
[email protected]

After 16 years of being a self-taught artist, I entered UNCA and graduated with a BFA degree with honors 9 years later in 2012. A year later I became a printmaker when offered a studio in the RAD using non-toxic techniques I researched for myself while learning traditional printmaking at UNCA.

The imagery in my art is often an outworking of my faith as I try to understand hope in the face of chaos and human suffering. I use the best traditional materials I can afford as well as found materials. These last are a way of “redeeming” what would normally be thrown out, lending dignity and beauty to them as a metaphor for hope.

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