Jonathan Harrah

mixed media and photography to bring about story, adventure, and imagination

Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm, Sundays 11am-5pm
EcoDepot Marketplace
408 Depot Street


[email protected]

This is about distortion. Distortion placed upon our reality to bring new perspective. Distortion that develops into story. Story that brings the viewer far away or very close. Gain feeling, emotion. I have my story make your own.

Jonathan begins with cabinet card photos and with the magic of color he allows the new life hidden in the portraits to emerge. Or, landscape taken in another specktrem of color, inferred. Changing the view on familiar places. Unique characters, unique vision, unique stories bestowing an alternative universe for forgotten photos and overlooked places. Where real and imagined coexist. Spectacle from the familiar.

The characters. Enhanced cabinet card photos

The characters. Enhanced cabinet card photos