Mary Carol Koester, Azalea Bindery, LLC

Custom Handmade Books, Albums, Boxes, and more.

11-4, Wed-Sat
Pink Dog Creative
348 Depot Street
[email protected]

My books, albums and boxes are made to preserve memories; they help tell a story, weave a life.  The pieces bring beauty and dignity to events such as the birth of a child, unabashed love at the altar, or acceptance of the loss of a family member or friend.  Each book, album, or box can be filled with thoughts, pictures, personal treasures, or rare documents to be shared with and preserved for others. I work in silk, linen, and goatskin as well as fine handmade decorative papers.  My design motifs include floral, architectural and geometric elements. My art has evolved to a point where design and utility flow together.

Custom Handmade Wedding Frames, 5x7, silk, hand marbled paper.
Short Stories 1, 9x12 goatskin cover, gold titling, hand marbled end sheets.