John Mac Kah, JMK Studio

Landscapes in oils, acrylics, mixed media. Fine art instruction, drawing, painting, plein-air.

Tue – Sat noon-6pm, or by appointment
Riverview Station
191 Lyman Street

Graduate of Ringling College of Art & Design, 1981. Fine Art instruction in my working studio, on location and schools nationwide. Inspired by past masters in landscape from America and Europe, I build my work on a deep respect and understanding of their processes and materials. These very earthy tools: wood, hair, canvas, linen, natural oils, varnish, pigments-all connect me to the work and the work to Nature and the Wild. Taking time out to closely observe and see our world as unique, complex and vibrant is important to me as the act of painting on location. A working studio, my space functions as workshop, laboratory, classroom and creative retreat from travels. Prints, note-cards & originals available.

View from Grant Mt., Oil on linen, 62x70 Roadside Attraction. Oil on paper, mounted on board. 6 x 12"

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