Katrina Chenevert

Painter- Watercolor, Acrylics, Oil and Mixed Media Sculpture

Mon-Sat 11-5, Winter 12-4
Riverview Station, 310 Art
191 Lyman Street

[email protected]

Nostalgia often drives my inspiration to paint. Most recently that includes capturing moments from old photographs (1920’s – 1940’s) and painting them in sepia tone watercolor. This “Sepia Series” include both personal and commissioned paintings.

My mixed media sculpture includes “Iconic” themes from the 60’s and 70’s. These are an assemblage of canvas, acrylic paint, shaped wood panel, cloth fiber, buttons etc.. My most recent creation is a panel portrait of Marisol Escobar sporting Jackie Kennedy’s Pink Dress.

Palette Knife Oils are another passion. The themes of these paintings tend to be architectural in nature.

Ham Sandwich, Watercolor, 9.5"x 15"Smoking Hot Women, Watercolor, 11"x18"