Philip DeAngelo, Philip DeAngelo Studio

Contemporary Minimalist Landscape Paintings

Philip DeAngelo Studio, Open Monday-Saturday 10-4 and by appointment
The Wedge Studios
115 Roberts St (second studio down from the traffic circle)
[email protected]

My paintings always start with a unique texture, it is the surface that dictates the flow of the composition. A piece of reclaimed ceiling tin with rust and holes creates a perfect underpainting. The natural grains in a piece of poplar become a dramatic sky.

I am told that I see the world differently than most. A world of simple shapes, saturated colors and above all, texture. I believe in a God who is in love with beauty and He created this vibrant planet to reflect that beauty. Much of my work is based on the “Divine Proportion” and the use of implied symbolism. There is an order to nature, you just need to know where to look.

Interval, Acrylic on Masonite, 48"x24"The Way, Acrylic, 36"x26"

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