Cara May, Cara May Knits

Hand Knit Art to Wear

M-F 11-4.
Riverview Station
191 Lyman Street, #104

“Creativity & raw beauty touch our souls in rare and magical ways and transforms our world. It is essential to our very cores.”  Knitting becomes increasingly intuitive to Cara May as she continues her fascination by the Japanese wabi sabi aesthetic and opportunities offered by altered avenues of exploration. She finds peace & joy in that space, quietly crossing barriers between fashion, craft, perhaps art.

Small batch, artisanal production – her pieces are understated, natural fiber creations. The subtlety of each piece belies unique textures, remarkable fibers & sculptural shapes. She handcrafts every garment – selecting yarns, designing, knitting, felting, sewing seams, blocking finished pieces – or “unblocking” – leaving deliciously crumpled, distressed, deconstructed, asymmetrical, artsy & offbeat.

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